Tuesday, 16 August 2011

NEST Organisational Development Plan - almost there

About a month ago I wrote about the challenges of getting from an OD assessment to an OD plan, and how I had just had a week of useful meetings with a small team, but was worried about the next stage.

Well the next stage was good, feedback on the plan was generally supportive, and it is now very close to being finalised.

It sets out a plan of action between now and Dec 2012, of building the capacity of NEST.  The main aims are a new strategic plan, which I will lead, fundraising, HR and IT, all of which  require external support.  This may be provided by future VSO placements.

Last week I also completed six months at NEST and had to report to VSO on whether I had build capacity of individuals or the organisation.  I asked my colleagues, those involved in the OD planning meetings all said that I had built their capacity by improving their knowledge of concepts, increased confidence and team-building skills. 

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