Saturday, 20 August 2011

And then the doors closed...

Last Saturday I got in a lift, and pressed number 6, as the doors closed I panicked a little and questioned my sanity.  I can’t even remember when I was last in a lift.  If you have ever been stuck in a lift or lived in a country where electricity may disappear instantly you will I am sure understand where I am coming from.

But there was no problem, I arrived at the sixth floor and visited my friends Thessa and Bash, who have just moved into the famous 1004 estate in Lagos, and very nice it was too!  I didn’t “snap” the inside but here are some views from the window. 

Apparently when the government was based in Lagos, Senators stayed in this estate and it was notorious for having no water or electricity and generally not functioning.  Thessa pointed to the enormous power plant that is feeding the complex, so it is safe to get in the lift at least for now.

So after spending a couple of hours, I left via the lift! 

Last time I saw a lift was in June, I was staying in a very nice hotel in Abuja, I was only on the first floor so didn’t take such a dangerous risk!  That hotel had very good electricity but it wasn’t constant, there was at least a few seconds gap between NEPA (grid electricity) and gen (generator).

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