Friday, 19 August 2011

My Work

I realise I haven’t written much about my work, maybe because it feels like it is taking me such a long time to achieve anything.  Anyway here goes:

NEST stands for Nigeria Environment Study Action Team, it is situated on Awolowo Avenue, in a lovely house as you will see. 

My official role is Climate Change Technical Writer, NEST is implementing a 5 year project and in the final writing up stage of lots of reports that will be read at national level and beyond.

The project is called Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change (BNRCC).  It aims to enhance Nigeria’s ability to achieve equitable sustainable poverty reduction through more effective governance: by developing policy – a national climate change adaptation strategy and building capacity of government civil society, individuals and networks.  It is doing this by working on socioeconomic research into the impacts of climate change, scenario development, and pilot project adaptation projects which feed into policy and communications work.

So now in English!

I think this project is really exciting, it has done some great things, made two documentaries about climate change in Nigeria, and worked with vulnerable communities to help them to adapt to climate change, and helped to take the learning from these communities to national government level.  The adaptation strategy National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action for Climate Change in Nigeria, is in its final stages, and NEST are working with Federal Ministers to get it finalised and approved.

I have been involved in writing some Executive Summaries of the Pilot Projects so will shortly post a few highlights in order to give you a feel for what is really happening in Nigeria as a result of climate change.  You can watch the videos here

So I have five things to do at NEST

1.       Support writing for final reports from BNRCC

2.       Lead NEST Organisational Development process

3.       Conduct an Energy Audit

4.       Support proposal writing

5.       BNRCC programme evaluation

I’m busy, will give you an update on each of the above shortly!
PS I do have some colleagues, but don't want to post their pictures without their permission!

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