Monday, 1 August 2011

Being a professional

Earlier today I wrote a blog post, about feeling very small against the big hierarchy that is Nigeria, about how an incident had made me feel, and that depite the fact that I could see that the incident was culturally normal, I was struggling not to take it personally, and felt rejected and undermined.
I know that one of my weaknesses is a tendency to take things too personally, even when I can see the rational argument of why something is as it is.  I hope I am improving. 

I wrote the post very carefully considering who may read it, my blog is very easy to find, even by mistake, and at first was happy that it was an objective report of the incident, and it didn't matter who read it.  I liked what I wrote it and considered it honest and personal but objective.  However on reflection, and an email from a friend, thank you, you know who you are, I changed my mind and removed it.

So I won't display it here, but the jist of it is here, sometimes in another culture, things happen that may be normal in that culture, but to me are not.  Sometimes these things are a challenge, and rather than accepting them as normal, I take them as a personal attack on myself, very unprofessional!

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