Thursday, 23 June 2011

Take me to your country

Take me to your country, is a phrase I hear too often for my liking, sometimes I make a joke of it, but often I ask them why, what do they know about my country and why do they want to go there?  Often I find they don't even know which country I am from, but all the same they assume that it is a land of riches, and once there, their problems will be over.
Yesterday, someone from our Internet Service Provider was in the office, he complained that I hadn't accepted his facebook request, so I clicked on it to find he was "in a relationship with" the name and photo provided.  He even bragged about her beauty, so I wandered why he was so worried about my facebook friendship.
He then started telling me how he wanted to go to Canada, when I asked him why, he said because it was quiet there.  Now that makes sense, Nigeria is a noisy place and has a population of around 150 million people.  However he went on to tell me that he needed an invitation to Canada, so I said he'd better ask a Canadian.

Then it became clear that he thought I was a Canadian, I told him I'd never been to Canada, he said but you are still a Canadian, you can still invite me!  I'm still not sure if he believes that I am not Canadian!

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