Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The long silence

I try to update my blog at least weekly, after my Mum telling me she gave up looking because it never changes, this has not been possible in the last couple of months.  My laptop died, and thanks to a Dell warranty has now been resurrected.  Dell actually sent their engineer to me, (from Lagos) to put a new motherboard in my computer, much to my amazement and relief, it took three weeks for this “Next Business Day” service to happen but at least it did.

In the meantime, I borrowed a desktop from work, which is OK, but with very limited electricity that can go off at any second, rather frustrating.  A few times I borrowed my friend Rebecca’s tiny lap top, and I got a two week extension on my two assignments that were due for my MSc, submitted last Thursday.

So hopefully with work submitted at least for now, next deadline 4th July, and the scary prospect of having planned the next 16 months of my life away, (one of those two assignments was a proposal for my MSc dissertation, to be submitted in 16 months and estimated to take 600 hours) I will manage to blog a little, plenty to tell you about, watch this space!

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  1. Hope all is well? it is not easy so to say how about your organisation did they atend to you when your laptop went off? may be they have a contract with Dell, this type of situation are common in life you might be aware when i talk about my working condition, about two weeks a go we resumed on site work, painting, painting alover i had wanted to go to a syber cafe to work on my blog but i kept postpone becouse work at the site could not finish yesterday i clibe seven metre lader, from 8 am till 6 pm and the work has not finished yet the director want me to come the following day to do another work, inorder for a berbwire man to come and run the wire, i agree but the following day am tied i cleaned four cars and the whole compound, before my baby came she is on the way to Abaji, she doese not know the transport fare but i offered her a one thaunsand naira bye bye, have a safe journy.