Friday, 13 August 2010

Well done Ugochi or should I say Sannu and a sad farewell to Angie

Well done and Sannu are often heard phrases here, you don't seem to have to have done anything well, or done anything at all.  But well done Ugochi, whose facebook status says: "thank you God, I was among the 40 journalists selected out of thousands of applications from all over the world for the fellowship, happiest day of my life"

My last blog was about supporting Ugochi to prepare for a telephone interview, well she was succesful, it is for training in climate change journalism and funding to attend the Mexico Climate Change conference in December. 

The in my opinion rather cool picture is of Angie (left) and Ugochi (right).  Sadly for us, and happily for Angie's family she is currently on a plane flying back to Canada via the UK.  Angie worked as a VSO volunteer with ICEED for a year, supporting work on Communications, and really welcomed me to ICEED and Nigeria, thank you Angie.

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