Tuesday, 3 August 2010

PHCN became PHGA

So the good news is Problem Has Gone Away, ie electricity is back, this will only make sense if you read the previous post, scroll down or click here

So we returned from work on Thursday, to find there was no power, and to observe that they (PHCN) had taken our fuse, I counselled colleagues and fellow volunteers on what to do next and heard three approaches to solving the problem:
  • phone whoever told you it would be done (aah hindsight, why didn't I get the number?) until it is done
  • pay a bribe
  • get your own fuse
Actually we did none of these, we went to the office on Monday around 3pm, and the staff remembered us, and greeted us as if we had just come to say Hi.  They were mystified when we told them we were still waiting for re-connection.  They sent someone with us to sort it out straight away, he was surpised to find that we didn't have a car, and he would have to walk to our house, but he came and plugged in the fuse, and power returned.

At work we proudly told them that we had sorted it, without money changing hands and were warned of trouble to come! 

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