Saturday, 10 April 2010

Starting Work at ICEED

ICEED is in a building called Bassan Plaza, on the third floor, and there is air conditioning – hurrah! Well actually there is air conditioning when the NEPA (electricity is on). When its off, we run off a battery, and resort to fans, and no kettle! All the computers are plugged into UPS, Universal Power Supply, which is basically a voltage regulator and battery.  Every time the power goes off, you have to move the plug from the socket that’s linked to the mains electricity, to the one connected to the battery.

My colleagues, have been very welcoming, they look like this I started work by attending a lot of workshops see photos, this means you get good lunch! I spent the first two days at a workshop to develop an advocacy strategy for the Clean Energy Bill, I’ve been to a workshop at the Hilton (good lunch and excellent electricity) on the Second National Communication on Climate Change, the (former) Minister for the Environment was there, unfortunately the next day the cabinet was dissolved, however he has since been re-instated. Another workshop on the National Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan.

My job so far will involve co-ordinating the Clean Energy Team, and we had a meeting today to develop a workplan, I will be working on wood stoves, small hydro, and the clean energy bill, and have to write an article for a national newspaper at the end of May.

ICEED pics

Workshop pics

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