Saturday, 10 April 2010

And finally arriving in Zone 4 – 8, Port Said Street

Last week Velice and I moved to our new home.  It is a two bedroom flat on the first floor, and is very secure, it would take a determined person to get in here! I have to remember never to leave the house without a torch incase I come back after dark, the electricity is off, and I have to unlock the door at the top of the stairs. This involves putting my hand through a small opening to undo a padlock!

From zone 4

When we arrived there was no water or electricity, but since then the water has been fixed and the electricity is improving. It’s a luxury anyway isn’t it, after all I have three batteries for my laptop and plenty of candles!
I don’t mind candlelit evenings, I do object to everyone else’s generator, it gets very noisy when the electricity goes off as everyone who has one starts their generator. I sleep with the windows closed and ear plugs on those nights. When it works we have a fridge and ceiling fans, to keep us cool!

Zone 4 is a great location for changing hard currency if you have any, praying if you are a Muslim man, buying suya, which is delicious roasted meat, walking to work, walking to the main market, catching buses around Abuja, and buying the best bread and yoghurt that you can get in Abuja.  And of course there is a Mr Bigs - Nigeria's burger chain, I haven't felt the need for a burger yet but that day may come!

From zone 4

More Zone 4 pics

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  1. Thanks Emily. That's great - gives me a picture of what you're up to. Enjoy!