Monday, 4 April 2011

Election Fever - POSTPONED!

Having had strict advice from VSO not to leave the house for all voting days; on Friday, I made sure I had plenty of things to eat and drink on Saturday and prepared for day one of “house arrest”!

I was very productive, pancakes for breakfast, mung beans cooked with coconut and chapattis for dinner, did my laundry, studied, watched two movies, but I began to understood the term “Cabin Fever”, which got worse when I found out the election had been postponed until Monday. However I thought I’d better not leave the house, unless VSO “released me” as there were rumours of trouble as people who were turned away from voting.

The election was postponed because the ballot papers had only arrived in the country at 9am on Saturday, polling booths were due to open at 8am. I fail to see why this couldn’t be announced on Friday, but one of my colleagues told me that it was to prevent allegations of fraud, or to stop trouble or some such.

So on Sunday, I had déjà vu of Friday, and prepared myself for another day of “house arrest”, for the Monday elections, only to be find out they were now to be held next Saturday. Both times I found out about the change of plan from friends postings on facebook, not from the BBC World Service which I listened to, VSO or the FCO travel advice to Nigeria.



  2. Welcome to the wonderfull world of Nigeria AND Facebook!

  3. Election have come and gone, we are waiting for Gorvernor and the state house of assembly coming 29 april, our is to keep things together, happily the INEC chirman Prof. Athair Jega have decleared the incombent president mr, Goodluck Jomathan as winner of apeil 18, poll. we thank God for seeing us through, and hope the remaining one will be successful as well i hope vso will rate INEC high, and desirouse to work with the newly elected leader.