Monday, 7 March 2011

I am soft and squiggy

Yesterday my soft squiggy body spent 9 hours inside a hard metal box on wheels, in close proximity to many other hard metal boxes all moving in similar and opposite directions, at varying speeds.

The metal boxes were travelling on a surface with many obstacles: potholes, speed bumps, police check points, contraflows and drivers who think they are Bond.

Along the way there is evidence, of crushed, folded, distorted metal that were formally metal boxes on wheels and presumably were carrying soft squiggy people, this evidence however doesn’t persuade the drivers to behave less like Bond.

My physical health at least, in tact I arrived safely at my destination, and am no longer in a metal box, indeed I haven’t been in one all day.

So if you think the danger of Nigeria, is the risk of armed robbery, being kidnapped, catching a tropical disease, or food poisoning, these risks can be all but eliminated with the right precautions, but you cannot live in a country without travelling, and for me as for you, the most dangerous thing I do on a regular basis is get in a car.

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