Friday, 11 February 2011

End of Part One - Farewell to ICEED

Farewell drinks at Ibiza
My placement at ICEED was originally supposed to be for two years, however this was shortened by my employer first to 12 months, and then to 11 months with the final month in leave, which I took full advantage completing my “Climate Change Strategy” assignment for my masters and going on a “Grand Tour of Northern Nigeria / Rat Survey”.  No explanation was given to myself or to VSO, although I have my ideas about what bought this about.  Fortunately for me VSO have found me a new placement at another environmental organisation in Ibadan, which I began last Monday, 7th February.

Hamzy and Slim - so cute!
Naturally, I have asked myself what I achieved during my time at ICEED, and this is what I came up with:
·         one of the colleagues with whom I was working closely has improved in confidence, writing skills and professionalism
·         I played a key role in a successful pilot project that installed improved wood burning stoves in a school in Niger state.
·         I supported a colleague in her successful application to the Climate Change Media Fellowship which enabled her to attend the COP16 in Cancun.
Dancing Ewah!

I have since heard from a friend of mine who works for VSO in Namibia .that visited ICEED, that they have had three VSO volunteers, one of who was an Energy Expert and made a big impact on the organisation, clearly once you leave you are fantastic!
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  1. Your life at ICEED was too short, iam hoping to meet with you after 2010 in Abuja, as the result is like you are no longer there [ICEED] and you are around Ibadan is very close to FCT one thing no one can predict, your stable in one project for any longer than expected, you would have leave a legancy with the energy company. i wish es you success anywhere you may be.