Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Emily Bullock speaking live from Aso Radio the "Station on the Rock"

One day when I was with my boss on the way back from a meeting, he said, that's where Ugo works, and pointed to a rock with a mast at the top of  a hill, and I wandered how on earth you could even get there, well last week I found out.  On Monday Ugo asked me if I would be on her show the following day, to talk about renewable energy in Nigeria.

So I went, up the hill to the "Station on the Rock" to take part in her weekly environmental programme "Green Angle".  So I got in a taxi that said of course they know the way, he did this time, and he took me out of town and up the steep steep hill to the "Station on the Rock".

Me and Ugo on the rock
The programme started at 9, so Ugo asked me to be there at 08:50, well she is on the radio all the time, anyway I got there about 08:45, we went quickly through the questions and then we were live on air, me the renewable energy "expert", although I must say I surprised myself at how much I knew and how easily we filled a 30 minute programme, fortunately before the texts and calls came in, but after she asked me how to collect electricity from thunder!
in the studio

The half hour went really quickly so before I knew it we were outside taking a walk on the top of the hill and looking at the view. 

view from the hill
Then after the adrenaline rush of being "live on air" I went back to the office, expecting everyone to comment on how great I had been! First of all my boss who had approved it and given me guidance asked why I was late, as did my colleagues. I had forgotten I was in Nigeria, in an office where internal communication is to put it politely rather poor, and I'd assumed that since at least four people knew where I was going, they would all be listening avidly. So as far I know, one person listened a colleague, I am hoping to get a CD and will try to post it if I can manage the technology! My wonderful father, hope you are reading, tried to listen on line but couldn't get it to work, thanks Dad!

More "Station on the Rock" pics


  1. I did try Emily, but I couldn't get it to work either! Never mind - I'm sure there were lots of regular listeners soaking up every word!