Monday, 8 March 2010

Emily is not in Jos

Hi all - sorry for the lack of updates, I will rectify this as soon as I can, but meanwhile, be assured that I am not in Jos, VSO has no volunteers in Jos at present, is finding alternative solutions for those who were supposed to go there, and has re-inforced its travel ban - volunteers and staff are strictly banned from going to Jos or within 10km of it.

And on a positive note I am enjoying Nigeria, and as my new colleague I just met just pointed out, the good thing about Nigeria having a bad press is that people are positively surprized.  I feel very much welcomed, secure, and safe. 

Anyway for now I'm off to eat some nice spicy Nigerian food.

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  1. Hello Emily, and thank you for your blog entries about recent arrival in Nigeria. I am a board member of FON, live in Southern Pines NC in US, served in Kano, at the gov't girls' school (now named a "college"), from Jan 1963 to Dec 1964. Along with 20 other "formers", I returned on 11 day tour in Nov 2008. The entity of Abuja is the single biggest change in that 44 year interval; some 4-lane roads come next, and for me (the only returnee familiar with Kano)-- the loss of the city wall.
    There is an orthopaedic hospital in Kano -- opened 50 years ago this past Dec. There is/was in Nov 08, some building going on there in the most disappointing way possible -- if ever there were a location with possibility for solar installation, it would be that campus -- acres of sun-baked flat land in an enclosed setting, with tremendous energy needs -- for new surgical pavilion as well as non-updated wards --
    As you get into your work, and remember this note, I would be pleased to know that the needs at NOHDala were on your agency's list of projects.
    Lucinda R Boyd